Don’t Take Our Word for it. Meeting and Incentive Travel Planners are ultra-discriminating critics. Fair enough, because in their highly competitive world, they are only as good as their clients are happy. Read what some of the industry’s top-shelf planners have to say about the resort…

“In the corporate world, you are always tested to meet customers’ expectations - here they exceed them on every level. The environment fosters creativity in people, that creativity leads to great meetings, inspired thinking, and productive employees. To be at a place that has such a great foundation in supporting a meeting like that - the innovative staff and the physical and natural environments - those things combined make it a ‘win’ for the corporation. From the planning side, they are extremely flexible. Tell them what you want and it is never too much. Nothing is cookie cutter, each program is unique, every step designed to meet your particular needs.”

Kevin De Vine, Director Global Travel & Related Services
Lam Research Corporation of California

“A premiere location, great facilities, amenities and a superior staff - this place has it all … caters to small groups looking for the ‘out of the box’ experience and will make you look like a star to your customer!”

Susan M. Relihan, Regional Director of Sales
SE Conference Direct, Marietta, GA

“…Of the 70-plus trips I have taken with United American Insurance Company in my last 24 years, this was four times as great as the best European trips I have ever taken. I have heard the same things over and over from everyone else too. They all agreed: the unanimous opinion by all Leadership Development Board members it was our greatest experience by far - and that’s from a group of long- time friends that’s been oft-spoiled and quite discerning on quality. You and your staff all did outstanding jobs. As you Canadians say: “No worries!”

Please give them all our best, as we shared much laughter with them.” We look forward to returning as often as possible, with hopefully a much larger group in the future - my gosh, it was worth every single penny. Use me as a referral anytime you wish. By the way, did I tell you it was a fun trip? I could go on and on (and did), but will close now to plan for next year’s wondrous excursions.”

Andrew W. King, President
Branch Office Division, United American Insurance Company

“Totally exceeded expectations and I heard everyone else commenting on this … No question that Clayoquot is an excellent fit for several clients.”

Jennifer Campbell, Managing Director
Ken Ward Travel, Atlanta, GA

“…truly unbelievable. I will be talking about this (the resort) for years”

Sarah E. Breen, Director of Marketing Creative Design Consultants, LLC


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