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Hot Springs

misty_morning_boats_clayoquot_soundThis eight-hour marine adventure begins aboard a 25-foot open-air console vessel or our dual merc-powered zodiac and includes whale watching (for humpbacks, grey and killer whales) and a gourmet picnic lunch.

The gentle two-kilometre boardwalk trek to the seven natural geo-thermal pools of Hot Springs Cove traverses stands of ancient cedars, fern gardens and moss-carpeted thickets.

The smell of sulphur grows as you near the falls but quickly fades as you venture closer to the first of the pools that descend to a final lukewarm bath near the sea. Hot Springs Cove excursions are best enjoyed during May and September when bather traffic is light.

Healing Grounds Spa

Very near to the place where the cookhouse casts its shadow on the shore of the Bedwell River sits the beautiful Healing Grounds Spa, an eco-safari style massage and therapeutic treatment centre with the soul of an outpost spa and a personality all its own.

Two massage tents and two treatment rooms, two wood-fired cedar hot tubs, a wood-fired cedar sauna, an outdoor shower and wrap-around sun decks artfully compose a rest and relaxation destination of intimate proportions.

Here, the muffled footfall of passers-by on the boardwalk, the screech of an eagle, the faraway thunder of galloping horses and the laughter of children gently pepper the meditative hum of the wilderness as the afternoon passes by.

Inside the massage and treatment tents, holistic therapies are administered in calming, comforting seclusion. Warm fingers of sunlight filter down through the canopy and dance with the shadows, lulling guests into sync with the energy of the ages.

Near to the Healing Grounds Spa, a small fitness facility complete with treadmill, stair machine, rowing machine and free weights sits aside a yoga studio complete with heated floors and scheduled morning classes. Daily scheduled and private yoga sessions are available.

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