Lounge Tents

outdoor-lounge-bgNo true safari, eco or otherwise, would be complete without at least one tent assigned to the pursuit of sensory pleasures like reading, games, lounging and select barrel-aged spirits.

The Resort has two such lounges - a lounge tent, and a games tent. The former, a plush turn-of-the-century collection of dark polished woods, beautiful fabrics and burnished leather, reference the iconic Gentlemen’s Clubs of old. Here, guests lose themselves in the arts of conversation and low-tech competition. Antique furnishings display an impressive collection of antique and contemporary games of chance and skill.

The games tent will captivate the attention of any child, young and old. A full billiards table with plush sitting area fills the busy pool tent. Antique fixtures, a game of 8 ball and you will believe that you are in a wild west setting.


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