Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve

Environmental Legacy Program

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort operates as sustainably and empathetically as possible, with a mandate to rehabilitate some of the damage done by logging, mining and commercial fishing that began in the late 1800s. Through a privately-funded $3 million-dollar Environmental Legacy Program (ELP), we continue to love our living rainforest, most particularly through enhancement of native wild salmon stocks.


Launched in 2018, the Coastal Ambassador Program offers resort guests the opportunity to get involved with wildlife habitat rehabilitation in Clayoquot Sound in a more fundamental way. Guests travel to remote islands within Clayoquot Sound to remove marine debris with the aim of preserving important areas for breeding, nesting, and foraging for the variety of species that call the Sound home. A portion of the cost of the experience is donated directly to Clayoquot Cleanup.



In 2001, in consultation with the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans and First Nation of Ahousaht, the resort embarked on a 20-year plan to mitigate and repair historic, human-caused environmental damage and habitat depletion, with a focus on creating new salmon spawning habitat and restoring native stocks to river systems on and around resort property.


Resort operations include: Single-use plastic and styrofoam ban, recycling of all non-organic materials like plastic, metal, cardboard and glass, two small mill operations on property utilize naturally fallen trees for furniture, firewood, boardwalks and other building materials, a biovator in-vessel composter manages 100% of the resort’s organic waste in a closed-system designed to eliminate leaching and ground contamination associated with traditional heap composting, 100% LED light fixtures are used across the property to reduce the energy demand and much more.