Special Occasions: Private and Experiential Offerings for Your Group

Corporate Meetings and Retreats

meeting tentCorporate Retreats - We mean business. But our strategies may be a little bit wild.

Fact is, we can take your leadership team almost anywhere you want to go, and they will have more fun getting there, and get greater results upon arrival, than you ever dreamed possible. We know relaxation, play, and inspiring environments are three key components of productive mental therapy. We know that in order to think outside the box, one has to get outside the box — sometimes way out.

As past corporate retreat guests can attest, there is no greater incentive to exceed quota than a visit to Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. The Resort regularly hosts incentive groups from North America and Europe. Exceeding the expectations of people who expect the most is a welcome challenge to Resort staff, all of whom are trained to please. Resort management and corporate sales will present to corporate groups anywhere in the world, issuing a challenge in person, in brilliant Technicolor, and building programs and events to suit.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort’s Environmental Legacy Programs are taking Green Meetings to the next level. To see how you and your employees and clients can participate and positively impact the environment while in enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience please review our ELP (Environmental Legacy Program) Summary and Opportunities.


What better place to begin a new life together than in the land that time forgot? Where balmy summer days and wild nights inspire romance and relaxation, and the heady rainforest air is as pure and intoxicating as new love.

The intimate scale of the resort prescribes privacy and a level of service and pampering unlike anything offered by large, all-inclusive resorts. The memories you make here are yours alone, as unique and original as your dreams, and unfolding at a pace set by you. Slip seamlessly into resort culture (visit camp culture page for details) or invite resort staff to delight and surprise you with little extras conceived for newlyweds and newly-in-loves. Consider a candlelit dinner just for two in the games tent, or a tandem massage overlooking Bedwell River. Or maybe wild strawberries and champagne arriving unannounced, or a horse drawn wagon whisking the pair of you off to a secluded beach or river valley meadow, is more your style.

So, if soft adventure, soft beds, blissful quiet, and week-long days sound like your dream honeymoon, contact the resorts and inquire about Clayoquot romance.


outpost_office_estuary_mountains_moodyWeddings for the Wild at Heart - There is something in the air at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. Something that makes love grow wild.

Here, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and romantic rekindlings take on a spiritual quality found nowhere else in the world.

The resort lends itself to intimate small and medium size weddings with two to 50 guests. We can coordinate services: planning, marriage commissioner, photographer, flowers, music, entertainment, full-service food and beverage, luxury accommodation, wilderness adventures, air transportation and ground and water transfers are all options. We have hosted some truly spectacular weddings: one on a deserted white sandy beach, several in our lush fern gardens, and others inside or on the decks and lookouts surrounding the Timber Cookhouse. More than one intensely romantic renewal of vows has happened in a great white canvas tent at the Resort.

The greatest successes come at the hands of those inclined to work with our natural surroundings. Mixing old and new traditions, and combining contemporary elements with those found in nature is our specialty.

Family Gatherings/Re-unions

With relatives spread out across the continent, a get-away that includes the entire family may be just what the GP ordered. In fact, over the past three years, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort has seen a sharp increase in large family groups coming to experience the resort’s remote pleasures.

With a setting described as “an upside down rainforest” by National Geographic Magazine, Clayoquot has something for every generation on the family tree.

For the fitness-buff and thrill seeker there is hiking, horseback riding and rock climbing; the traditional family picnic is replaced with bear watching and river or ocean kayaking; and the solitude-seeker can curl up in an overstuffed chair in front of the fireplace, or experience a stimulating massage and facial.

John Caton, Managing Director for Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, offers up his best advice on combining the kin for a multi generational holiday:

Plan Together - Let the bonding begin before the vacation by planning the holiday together. This offers family fun, but also allows everyone to have their say about the kind of vacation they want. The more everyone has a voice, the more invested they feel in the trip, the more positive attitude they have, making it a better time for all.

Comfort is Key For All Ages - Ensure accommodation offers comfort for everyone and addresses any special needs. Schedule downtime into the vacation routine for those who may need to rebuild their stamina - that includes children and older family members.

Look For Privacy and Togetherness Opportunities - Time together is great, but not every moment has to be spent together. Allow “togetherness time” as well as a break-time from one another. Parents can be with the kids, while the grandparents recharge. At other points, grandparents or teens can babysit to free up mom and dad for some private time.

Don’t Underestimate Grandparents - Don’t assume that older relatives can’t or don’t want to do things. Today’s grandparents have energy and a thirst for soft adventure. Look for activities that everyone can do - hiking, biking, bear and whale watching.

Learning is Bonding - Each generation has something to offer the other. Activities such as cooking classes, beach walks, and board games can provide learning and teaching moments.

Consider Other Relatives - Don’t limit the trip to grandma and grandpa. Consider organizing a trip with doting aunts and uncles to strengthen family ties.

Share Your Stories and Photos Then Repeat - Blog, keep a diary, take plenty of photos and share your experiences with each other and the rest of the family. Repeat.


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