Guest Amenities

In-Room Amenities

By design there are no in-room telephones or televisions. The resort communicates with a marine fleet, the Canadian Coastguard and other essential services via a failsafe VHF radio system and a boosted cellular phone is available for emergency calls in the Resort office. Should you forget a toothbrush, sunscreen, film, batteries, or other personal item, rest assured that the gift shop will have a supply. Packaged post cards, logo wear, hats, First Nations carvings and other items are available for purchase in the retail shop as well.

In your tented accommodations you will find:

  • Deserving Thyme skin and body care products
  • Plush micro-fleece bathrobes
  • Exercise sandals/slippers
  • Plush cotton towels
  • Earthenware spring water cooler
  • Clothes hangers & luggage rack
  • Facial tissue
  • Electrical outlets
  • Insect repellent
  • Air horn (for emergencies)
  • Butane lighter (for candles & lamps)
  • Flashlight (in case of generator failure)
  • Classic books
  • Stationery, postcards, resort guide
  • Wildlife directory
  • Hair Dryers are available for guest use in the shower building areas
Resort Amenities

Guests are encouraged to pack and travel light, so we make sure we have enough top-quality adventure gear to go around. If you absolutely must have that lucky fly rod, or simply cannot ride without your own boots, bring them along. Otherwise, we have you covered at no extra charge.

  • Rain gear - slickers, overalls, boots - for all ages
  • Western style riding boots, chaps and helmets for all ages
  • Whale watching suits (survival-rated) for all ages
  • State-of-the-art fresh and salt water fishing gear and vessels
  • Mountain bikes and helmets for all ages
  • Adventure gear (see Wilderness Activities pages)
  • Flotation devices and life jackets for all ages
  • Full fleet of power and paddle vessels (see Activities, Fishing)
  • Designated children’s activity area, games, programmes
  • Experienced, first-aid-trained wilderness guides


  • Complimentary wireless internet access for personal portables
  • Full, portable a/v capability for meetings
  • Lots of exhilarating break-out meeting space
  • Meetings and Retreats services manager


  • We can help you plan the perfect wedding
  • A commissioner, photographer, videographer, and florist can be arranged

See Special Occasions for more details


  • Deserving Thyme body and hair products
  • A certain number of complimentary massages (see Rates pages)
  • Daily complimentary yoga classes
  • Complimentary sauna and hot tub use
  • Plush towels stocked at all three sauna and hot tub areas

Food & Beverage

  • All meals, drinks, snacks, and alcohol are included


  • Daily housekeeping and evening turn-down
  • Laundry services are available by request

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