Facilities & Amenities

CookhouseUnique Venues - The newly-expanded Resort is better-equipped than ever to handle small and medium-sized corporate retreats. The new family suite tents can be called into service with existing deluxe guest tents to sleep up to 40 guests (up to 55 for family-oriented events like weddings and reunions) in total comfort.

IT Expertise - At Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, IT stands for “innovative thinkers.” Our directors of sales, activities, food and beverage, and operations are the best in their fields; and since up here the fields are really big and really far apart, innovation is a matter of survival. The resort hosts small and medium-size corporate undertakings from all over the world that require 24/7 commitment. We rise to every challenge, make things happen, get results, and meet budgets. Use your own people to direct your conference or use ours with confidence.

Connectivity - Thanks to wireless technology, remote does not mean out-of-touch. Our Resort satellite internet service and our complimentary wireless service can accommodate guests travelling with wireless-ready portable PCs/phones/tablets provide 24/7 internet access to guests travelling light.


  • Complimentary wireless internet access for personal portables/phones/tablets
  • Complimentary high-speed wireless internet access
  • Full a/v capability for meetings or gatherings in the cookhouse.
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