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Also at Clayoquot, guests can aim their bows and arrows at targets ranging from beginner to expert.

Archery courses set up in the meadow behind the resort allow guests to channel Robin Hood and his merry men, without the tights. With expert instruction, a safe environment, and state-of-the-art equipment, it’s an experience guests won’t soon forget.


The Resort’s stable of about 30 endurance horses and double teams of draft horses promise unbridled fun and adventure. Ride through the many stunning trails in and around the Resort, through old-growth forest, and to the edge of Strathcona Provincial Park, watching for bears along the way.

Visit the abandoned gold mines of “Bear City”, a turn-of-the-century mining town that boomed and busted many times between the great Yukon Rush and WWII. Explore the Bedwell’s own “Jurassic Park”, a remote area of deep old-growth forest where ancient cedars measure 40-ft in circumference and ferns reach gigantic proportions.

Horseback riding adventures are available for all ages and inclinations. Gallop like the wind through super-oxygenated forest trails, or trot leisurely along a stream bed or abandoned logging road. Riding boots and slickers too, if weather dictates, are provided for all ages. Riding helmets recommended (and provided) for young children. Experienced guides offer expert instruction.

Rock Climbing

The climbing wall provides a spectacular view of the Bedwell River Sound. With four routes geared toward everyone from beginner to advanced climbers, the wall’s not only for teaching city slickers the ropes. It’s even a challenge for adventure-savvy climbers.

Gear and instruction included.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking Outpost property is both as close to and far away from conventional mountain biking as one can get.

The slow-paced level ride down sun-dappled Alder Alley, across wooden bridges and through bucolic meadows is a must-do activity for anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle. The faint click of the spokes, super-oxygenated air, and breath-takingly beautiful scenery, alone, are worth the trip.

For the adventurous, bike trails of challenge, complete with requisite roots, boulders and inclines, lie ready in wait.

Bikes and helmets for all ages are provided.

Canopy Viewing Platform & Zip Line

Built for the Resort by Greenheart Conservation Company Ltd.*, of Vancouver, BC and new to the Resort in summer 2009 are two great new activities.

Forest Canopy Viewing Platform and Climb - Our new Canopy viewing platform allows access to the upper parts of the forest-the canopy and a beautiful birds eye view of the Resort and the Bedwell River Valley. Guests are pullied up to the platform by a guide, or if you are strong enough you can synch your way up yourself - also a great work out!

Greenheart Flightlines™ - Watching a hawk or eagle soar with the thermal lift inspires awe and desire. Many people wish to soar as the eagles do, but the experience of true flight is rarely obtained. Flight can become a natural pleasure if visitors are introduced to the opportunity in a progressive and safe manner.

Completed in August 2009.

To see the Clayoquot Flight Line in action - Visit the Greenheart U-Tube

*Greenheart Conservation Company Ltd. is a Canadian company that designs, builds and operates conservation based canopy walkways (canopy trails) and other nature-based attractions around the world.

Shooting - Sporting Clays and Targets

New to Clayoquot, skilled and novice shooters alike can use their trigger fingers to shoot sporting clay for adults and target shooting with 22 rifles for the young at heart.

With expert instruction, a safe environment, and state-of-the-art equipment, even the most timid can enjoy learning safe use of gun handling.


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