Coastal Cascadian Cuisine

mountaintop diningClayoquot Wilderness Resort honors the respect that the Cascadian region and its wealth of locally raised and grown products rightfully deserve. Cascadia is a region of unique biodiversity that reaches from the coastal south east of Alaska, most of British Columbia and south to include parts of northern California.

The region’s eastern boarders lay on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains, where the spring melt waters start their journey to the Pacific Ocean, depositing mineral rich soil in the valleys along the way, providing optimal growing conditions for our farmers. With its lush farmland and coastal waters, Cascadia provides Chef the opportunity to source an abundance of locally grown and raised products from the region and showcase them on his menus.

Whether it is locally raised meat from the farms of Vancouver Island and the Fraser Valley, wine and produce from the Okanagan, or seafood from our own front yard shores, Chef’s commitment to eating locally and sustainable can be seen on every menu.

In the CookhouseWith Clayoquot Wilderness Resort’s commitment to educating people from all over the world about our unique region, Chef strives to create clean, natural dishes that showcase the ingredients while constantly playing with his own creativity and innovating new flavours and dishes. Drawing from the vast multiculturalism of coastal Canada, and using traditional and modern techniques, he explores new and exciting ways to highlight these products.

When dining with us at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort our guests never have to look far to trace the source of the items that comprise the magnificent meals they are enjoying, nor will they miss the presence of Chef’s passion and commitment to our unique region.


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