Getting Here

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is situated in a remote location on the west coast of Vancouver Island, accessed only by seaplane, helicopter or boat. The easiest and quickest way to travel to the resort is to fly to Vancouver, British Columbia (YVR) followed by a scenic 45-minute seaplane flight directly to the resort dock. Alternatively, you can fly to the town of Tofino (YAZ) on Vancouver Island and travel by boat (40 minutes) to the resort.

Seaplane and boat transfers from/to Vancouver International Airport are not included in package pricing but our reservations team is happy to add this pricing to your package and make the arrangements for you via our preferred floatplane partner, Seair Seaplanes. Seair offers service on 5, 7 or 9-seater single-engine seaplanes. Alternatively, guests are able to personally book a private charter plane to Tofino or a private seaplane charter directly to the resort dock.

Packages utilizing Seair seaplane transfers begin departing YVR South Terminal at approximately 3:00pm on Thursdays and Sundays and begin departing the resort at approximately 4:30pm on Thursdays and Sundays. The Seair Seaplane Terminal is located at the YVR South Terminal (15 minutes away from the main Vancouver International Airport).  *Please allow yourself time after arriving to YVR to make your way to the Seair Terminal via taxi cab or pre-arranged car service.

If you become delayed en-route to your plane or boat transfer, please take a moment to call us at 1.888.333.5405.

Seaplane Schedule

Depart Vancouver Thursdays and Sundays

  • Check in as early as 2pm and no later than 3pm
  • Scheduled 3:30pm departures may leave slightly earlier if planes are full. Planes take-off intermittently as manifests are fulfilled, and continue until all guests/parties/families have departed the terminal.
  • Scheduled arrival at the resort is between 4:15pm and 4:30 pm, or 45-60 minutes after departure.

Return to Vancouver Thursdays and Sundays*

  • Floatplanes depart the resort beginning at approximately 4:30 pm, arriving to the Seair terminal between 5:15 and 5:30 (45-60 minutes in-flight), weather permitting. SeaAir Seaplanes has an airport shuttle and/or can assist in arranging taxi passage to YVR or into the city.  Our reservations agents can arrange towncar passage in advance, just let us know. 


Directions to Seair Seaplanes

From the main arrivals terminal of Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in Richmond, British Columbia, you must travel by shuttle, taxi or private car toward the South Terminal Compound. The Seair Seaplane Terminal is located on the Fraser River, on Inglis Drive and is well-known to drivers.  The transfer takes approximately 15 minutes, but allow 30-minutes just to be safe.  Complimentary passenger parking at Seair is available.

Driving from YVR main terminal:

  • Follow the Grant McConachie Hwy
  • Turn right onto Russ Baker Way
  • Turn right onto Inglis Dr. (MacDonald’s Restaurant on the left)
  • Follow the road (river on your left) and you’ll soon see the small Seair Seaplanes terminal on the water.

Recommended baggage limit is 40lb (18kilos) per person. Excess baggage can be securely stored in Seair’s secure and locked facility on-site, free-of-charge, just be sure to allow extra time to check excess.