Upscale Dining on Vancouver Island

Lounge & Dining Tents

Our original, charming dining tent is what first put the resort on the map long ago, when its image graced the covers of travel magazines all over the world. The bistro dining tent, as it has come to be known, remains a favorite place for upscale dining on Vancouver Island or to host small gatherings.

The family dining tent–which also serves as private venue space for corporate meetings, wedding celebrations, and group dinners–and the bistro tent flank the outdoor lounge that surrounds one side of an immense, double-sided fireplace that warms the Cookhouse.

Special Activities Tent

Our multi-purpose activities tent–fashioned after the golden age of adventure travel and exploration–is very often the chosen place to do nothing, and do it very well. Impossibly comfortable oversized sofas and chairs invite lounging, reading, relaxing, and respite from outdoor activities. 

A billiards tent, strategically out of earshot, but within sight of the Cookhouse, hosts children and families by day, then becomes a late-night gathering place for die-hard billiards players by night.