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Top 10 Coolest All inclusive resorts – Forbes article

Let’s talk about coolest resorts, Forbes did and they wanted to talk about us!

Photo courtesy of Michael Poliza Photography

What is getting Chef excited this year?

As our 2012 season fast approaches I am getting more and more excited about the Food & Beverage department and some exciting developments.

We have really taken a huge step forward with our garden this season. Blair has been spending untold hours digging in the dirt and propagating seeds to supply the cookhouse with Bedwell grown veggies. Blair and I met in the fall and started to plan what it was we wanted to have ready for this summer. With proper planning we should be able to highlight something from the garden on every night’s menu. Salad greens, Heirloom tomatoes, baby beets, and fresh beans are just a fraction of the products that we will get to play with this season.

I am also very excited to be taking a bee keeping course near the end of this month. We will be getting ourselves a couple hives and could start to see our own Bedwell Valley Honey near the end of the summer. If we can’t get anything from them this summer, we will be in full swing by next year. The bees will be helping to pollenate the wild flowers of the valley and of course they will be quite beneficial to our garden as well. I see salmon berry honey!

As we start to really explore what is possible in regards to supplying ourselves with fresh organic product, I can’t help letting my mind run wild. Bedwell chickens for eggs? Pigs? Goats? We will see...

See you all in the summer!
Executive Chef Ryan Orr

Healing Grounds Spa

New in the Healing Grounds is Shiatsu massage. Our wonderful Spa Manager, Sophie Doucet, has searched high and low for someone that could bring us this amazing service in the peaceful Healing Grounds setting. Shirley Summerfield joins us this year as one of our massage therapists and the one that brings us this great new technique. Shiatsu, also known as acupressure, is a Japanese form of bodywork which uses forms of finger, hand and elbow pressure applied to acupuncture meridians and specific points of the body. Techniques such as rocking, stretching and joint rotation may also be used in a treatment.

The goal of this type of bodywork is to restore the healthy flow of energy throughout the body, helping to ward off illness and maintain good health. By calming the nervous system, it improves circulation, relieves stiff muscles and alleviates stress. With healthy blood flow organs, muscles, glands, and nerves are nourished as well.

Also a certified yoga teacher, Shirley will be bending and stretching with you in our yoga studio.

Introducing... Kathy MacRae
Social Media and Marketing

Our return guests will remember Kathy from serving up Chef Orr’s scrumptious meals in the cookhouse. This year, Kathy is gracing the office team as the Social Media personality!

You will find Kathy in the activities office helping guests plan their adventure activities as well as looking for feedback to tweet about or pictures to post to our Facebook page. How about we “PIN IT” to Pinterest!

Like many others at the resort, Kathy hails from Ontario where she grew up in Toronto. A camper from a young age at Medeba Adventure Learning Centre in Haliburton ON, growing up in the wilds of Toronto was not where it was at for this girl! After graduating from Bishop’s University in Quebec, Kathy set out on a world wide adventure that led her to the diving industry and 5 years of living in Honduras as a SCUBA diving instructor. In 2006, Kathy returned home to Canada to start her career in the British Columbia resort industry. Both Kathy and her partner, Kaelhub Cudmore, Sous Chef, have found Clayoquot to be home and will be at the resort year round starting this year.

Send Kathy an email, post something for Kathy on our Facebook page, start tweeting with Kathy at @clayoquotresort and PIN something to Pinterest!

Snow to Surf relay race in the Comox valley – CWR team

Sunday April 29th - follow along on Twitter for the latest updates on our amazing team!
Go team Clayoquot go!

Run the Wildside!

June 23rd 10k run and 5k run or walk

Have you ever walked the Wildside with us? Well, this year the Ahousaht nation has put together a trail run through the Wildside trail. Run or jog a 10k portion of the trail through west coast rainforest and along sandy beaches or walk 5k and immerse yourself in this west coast beauty. Used by the Ahousaht people for thousands of years, the Wildside trail is an escape into the remote wilderness of Clayoquot sound.

Registration is limited, so if you would like to join Camille and Kathy on this great trail run, let us know! We would be more than happy to save a spot for you if you will be staying with us on the June 23rd weekend. Or if you are in the area come on over and run with us, it would be great to say hello!

Book now for Summer 2012!

It's definitely Spring around here and the bears are coming out of their winter hibernation.. are YOU?

We hope you may be thinking of returning or visiting with us this summer? There will be so many great new activities for you to enjoy with the entire Family at the Resort in 2012!

New this year there will be Paddle Boards for a great core workout and great views from the Estuary. We are also going to have some great new adventures by HELICOPTER! For a very special aerial view of Clayoquot Sound, a spectacular hike on a glacier, fishing in a mountain lake, or Heli Photography, surfing on a remote beach....the possibilities are endless.

Tents are filling up fast now for July and August, but we still have some dates and space for you. Please call or email us at [email protected] to book your Clayoquot 2012 Summer Adventure now. We are looking forward to seeing you again!

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